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Katie Roberts, DVM

Katie Roberts, DVM


Dr. Katie grew up in the Sacramento area of California. Over the years, she found her calling. She would volunteer to clean the fish after her family’s fishing trips, oftentimes being the only one around when she was trying to identify their anatomical parts. She also had guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats growing up, much to her mother’s chagrin. With the support of her parents, she pursued her love of science, animals, and anatomy in high school and then majored in zoology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She moved across the country with her husband, Jason, to pursue her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Virginia Tech.

After graduating from Virginia Tech,​ she moved back to Northern Nevada to be closer to family. She worked at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital for six years before ultimately finding LMVH, the perfect place for her. Dr. Katie has filled her home with both two- and four-legged family members: her husband, Jason; two daughters, Maddie and Lottie; three dogs; two guinea pigs; and the desert tortoise.

Get To Know Dr. Roberts

What do you enjoy most about working at LMVH?

I love educating clients. I have learned so much throughout my schooling and career that is helpful to the health and well-being of our beloved pets. I am passionate about helping people provide the best care they can. They can do this by being educated about the diseases and afflictions most common in our pets. I enjoy surgeries. Some of my favorites include spays and neuters on the young shelter animals (less than four months); stomach and intestinal foreign bodies; and wound repairs. I believe in preventive medicine. If I can provide food, medication, and baseline lab work that will help us keep your pet healthier longer or discover diseases earlier to slow them down, this is a win for all of us!

What are your personal interests and achievements?

I am an avid reader. My favorite author has been Stephen King since I first read Carrie in sixth grade and was hooked. His descriptions and character development are unlike any other. I enjoy gardening, which has a whole new meaning in our current home. The rabbits are voracious, as well as the squirrels. It is a constant battle to get things to grow to bloom. They do keep our lawn mowed like a golf green! I like to cross-stitch, although I don’t find much time for this. I have an elephant project that I have literally been working on since vet school. Maybe I will get to it one of these days.

What is your favorite Northern Nevada activity?

The Nevada Day Parade has become a fun tradition for my family. We gather with some great friends to celebrate. The girls really look forward to this time with their friends, but I’m sure Lottie goes mainly for the donuts!

What do you love about Northern Nevada/Carson City?

I love the views in Northern Nevada. I love the wildlife all around. I really enjoy the weather with one huge exception: the wind. Ugh!



Licensed Veterinary Technician in Training (VTIT)

Kristin is a native Northern Nevadan, born and raised in the Reno/Tahoe area. She has been working at Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital since 2015. Moving to Carson City allowed her to live closer to her family. She enjoys working with dogs and cats but has an extra passion for exotic animals. One of her goals is to become certified in exotic animal specialty for LVTs. She has two dogs, Ollie and Hobbs; three rats, Terragon, Saffron, and Caraway; and two rabbits, Pepper and Penny.


Get To Know Kristin

What do you enjoy most about working at LMVH?

I enjoy the Fear Free approach we use in our daily practices. Removing the stress out of routine procedures makes the whole experience better. I also love seeing animals interact with their humans. The human-animal bond is so important. I really enjoy working with exotic pets as well. I’d like to get a specialty in exotics eventually.

What are your personal interests and achievements?,

I completed my first marathon in March 2018 in Napa Valley. One day I’d like to run an ultramarathon. I enjoy giving back to the community, and I’ve shaved my head twice for the St. Baldricks Foundation. My greatest accomplishment so far is my contribution to raising my son to be the sweet, ambitious, and awesome little man he is today.​ 

What is your favorite Northern Nevada activity or festival?

I love going to Hot August Nights to look at all the cool cars. I am currently fixing up an ’86 Subaru BRAT in my free time.



Boarding Manager

Michelle was born in South Lake Tahoe, California. In 1993, her father moved the family to Carson City to get away from the snow and ever-growing tourism of South Lake. Michelle has always known she was a nurturer growing up and rescued her first kitten when she was 16. She found the kitten under a car in the winter and brought it inside to give it a warm safe place to stay. The rest is history. She had this kitten, Fuzzbutt, for 19 years before having to say goodbye. Michelle originally was hired on the hospital side of Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital as an assistant. After three days she realized seeing sick or ill pets was too much for her, she started working taking care of the boarded animals. She quickly found that she loved establishing relationships with owners and their pets to ensure they are comfortable with their stay at LMVH. You can call and speak to Michelle about your boarding pets anytime.

Get To Know Michelle

Who is in your family now and what are their interests?

I got married to my boyfriend of almost nine years in October 2019. We have two dogs that we consider our kids. Their names are Marley and Love. They are both shepherd mixes and totally have us wrapped around their paws. Marley is 13 years old and a total daddy’s girl, has a very mellow attitude, and is a “dainty lady.” Love, on the other hand, is a six-year-old that is super goofy and loves to play with her “little big sister.” They were both rescued, and we could not imagine our lives without them. They are our everything.

What is your favorite Northern Nevada activity or festival?

I love the concert series at the Brewery Arts Center and look forward to those all summer long. I also look forward to the Nevada Day Parade all year long.

What do you love about Northern Nevada/Carson City?

I love living here because there is a lot to do nearby and is not a super crowded city. I’m a small-town girl and don’t care for big cities. It’s quiet here, and we are within a few hours of some pretty amazing places.




Ashly spent her early childhood in the Puget Sound and was born in Everett, Washington. In her early teens, she moved to Carson City and has been here ever since. She started working at Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital as a boarding care assistant when she was 18 years old. She soon left to pursue an education in grooming pets. After learning her new skills, she came back to LMVH to assist with the pets in our boarding facility and to groom pets. She is now a full-time groomer with Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital. She has been voted the Best of Carson groomer.


Get To Know Ashly

Tell us a story about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

I adopted my best friend, Hayden, from LMVH when I was 19 years old. She was only 10 days old. Someone came in with a yellow plastic basket full of puppies wanting to get rid of them. I can remember Margie saying, “If you take a puppy, you’re responsible for it. Don’t expect to bring her back if you can’t handle it.” Hayden is now 13 and has been by my side through some tough times.

What do you enjoy most about working at LMVH?

I enjoy making dogs look their best. Grooming is hard work, but to have a dog come in looking homeless and making them feel better by getting the matts and dead hair off is rewarding.

What are your personal interests?

My hobbies are anything to do with art. My aunt got me interested when I was young. I’ve sold some pieces and done some murals. I really enjoy seeing people wear jewelry I’ve made.

What do you love about Northern Nevada?

I love being able to see the wild horses. The other day there were two in my neighbor’s yard. They are so beautiful.

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