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Michelle Keith, LVT/Technician Supervisor


I joined LMVH in September of 2012. I relocated here from the east coast with my husband to help care for his grandparents. After our brief care taking experience we moved back to the east coast, the ocean, seafood and family. After nine months of working in various hospitals and even an internal medicine specialty practice, my love of the mountains; to include Lone Mountain; got the better of me and we decided to pack up, move back and set up our own roots.

In my spare time I love geocaching with my husband and off-roading in my jeep. I am a huge movie goer and love fantasy, action and scary movies. I loved paddle boarding and kayaking back east on the rivers and look forward to exploring the water ways here. My favorite past time is watching NFL. I am a huge Ravens fan having been born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I share my life with my best friend and husband, Chris; my two Dobermans, Sasha and Rogue; Zero, my little puppy mill rescue dogs and my five cats (Momma Kitty, Mr. Bobblehead, Baby Kitty, Wheels and Camo).